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What makes Hampstead so popular?

Published: 22/09/2022

Despite the presence of several celebrities, Hampstead is one of London's most alluring neighbourhoods because of its subtle beauty and village-like ambience.

Getting There

If you want to visit and explore in person, it's not difficult to get here. You can ride the tube to the village's centre from Hampstead station on London Underground's northern line. If you're arriving by Overground, exit at Hampstead Heath. It is located on the lovely South End Green.
Also, there are buses like the 46 that depart from locations in central London, including Clerkenwell and Paddington.

The sleepy little hamlet of Hampstead in North London

The main street in Hampstead, which is just outside the tube station, is the greatest spot to start the day and if you are looking to rent a house in Hamstead, it’s worth having a look.
It has several hidden highway-like little passageways that branch off of it, and it is crammed with posh stores and adorable cafés. In addition, there is a coffee shop housed within a retro red phone booth and a crepe stand outside.
Hampstead Heath, one of London's most beautiful parks, features outstanding delis like Melrose and Morgan that offer superb picnic supplies, and cafés like Gail's and Ginger & White are the ideal locations for coffee and cake.
Along Heath Street, which runs parallel to Hampstead High Street, you will find more shops and restaurants in Hampstead. Highlights include Louis Patisserie, a traditional Hungarian bakery, and Jin Kichi, a Japanese restaurant.
Just off the high street is Flask Walk, a small pedestrianised area dotted with vibrant flowers, odd antiques, and dining tables adorn your route.

Hampstead Walk

At Hampstead Underground Station, where this stroll begins and ends (Northern Line). The condensed route, skipping Highgate, is a straightforward 4.55-mile (7.32-kilometre) stroll with some gentle inclines. The extended version is 6.58 miles long and features more difficult slopes (10.59 kilometres).
However, Hampstead's charm doesn't really manifest itself until you go off the main thoroughfares. As old stone staircases lead up to hidden bars like the Holly Bush, you will feel like you have stumbled onto something that no one else has ever discovered.
Pubs like The Wells are located down Well Walk. On those sunny days, there are wonderful picnic tables there. The Burgh House Cafe, which has lovely outdoor tables, is a venue you can find just off Well Walk.

Hampstead's museums

Fenton House

Fenton House is one of Hampstead's many little museums. This National Trust residence in London is concealed along a path lined with trees.
A 17th-century merchant's mansion called Fenton House is stuffed with musical gear and porcelain figurines. Outside, there is a delightful walled garden that is especially charming in the spring and summer.
The Admiral's House and other houses with regal names like that surround the museum with thick walls and velvet crimson flowers kissing their brickwork.

2 Willow Road

Designed by architect Ernő Goldfinger, this three terrace house, which includes Willow Road, were built in Hampstead, London, in 1939. It is accessible to the public and has been under the National Trust's management since 1995. It was one of the first Modernist structures that the Trust purchased, which sparked considerable debate.

Town House

Burgh House is another local gem. This famous Queen Anne structure in New End Square serves as the home of the Hampstead Museum.
Its permanent collection, which traces the history and development of Hampstead, contains a number of exhibits with intriguing data and artefacts.
It's also recommended to go to the aforementioned Burgh House Cafe during the warmer months. Its alfresco tables are a sheer garden pleasure.

Keats House Museum

Near South End Green lies the Keats House Museum, where the romantic poet John Keats lived and wrote his famous poem "Ode to a Nightingale”, now serves as the Keats House Museum, a writer's house. On the outskirts of inner-north London, at Keats Grove, in the neighbourhood of Hampstead John Street, one of the route's early names, may be seen on maps made before around 1915; other names for the road include Albion Grove.
You may explore exhibits and genuine manuscripts that describe the poet's life and tragic death at the age of 25 when you visit this Regency mansion.

Freud Museum

The Freud Museum is situated in the old home of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, not far from Belsize Park. The Sigmund Freud Museum in London is a memorial to him and is housed in the home where he spent his final year of life with his family. The iconic psychoanalytic couch and other personal objects are on show.

Kenwood House

On the northern edge of Hampstead Heath in London's Hampstead neighbourhood sits the historic aristocratic mansion known as Kenwood House. The mansion was initially built in the 17th century, and the Earls of Mansfield lived there in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Robert Adam interiors of Kenwood House have paintings by Vermeer, Turner, Rembrandt, and other well-known painters.
The property not only has a lovely café with lots of outdoor seating but it also was used as a filming location for the movie Notting Hill which starred Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.


In addition, Hampstead has marketplaces. A maze-like cluster of little shops along Heath Street houses The Hampstead Antique & Craft Emporium, which offers a large selection of gifts and antiques, is a  lovely place to stop by, browse the goods, and pick something unique to take home. With over 30 vendors offering antiques, toys, jewellery, furniture, clothing, and ceramics, you're likely to find something you like.

The Pergola and Hill Garden

Created in 1906 by famous landscape architect Thomas Mawson at Lord Leverhulme's is Hampstead's secret Hill Garden and Pergola. In addition to an elevated promenade with flower-draped pergolas, this gem boasts a reflecting pond. It’s a gorgeous undiscovered treasure in North London, making it an ideal and exquisite outdoor wedding location or a photographic setting.

Hampstead Heath

Beyond the neighbourhood, in Hampstead Heath, there are miles of walking paths which gives the impression that you are in the countryside.
Kenwood House is located inside its bounds, and in the summer, swimmers frequent the famed Hampstead Heath swimming pools.
Wide-ranging views of London are the prize for those who are ready to climb Parliament Hill.  City skyscrapers are dwarfed by the distance and St. Paul's Cathedral seems like a dot on the landscape. Hampstead is profoundly beautiful.
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