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The UK's most popular and valuable house numbers

Published: 05/07/2023

New research, looks at house numbers and discovers that when it comes to the most valuable, the traditional contenders are no longer top of the table.

To see which house numbers are currently the most popular and most valuable in England and Wales, Barrows and Forrester looked at the sold price data over the last 12 months for all types of home except those listed as ‘flats’ or ‘other’.

The research has found that the most popular house number, based on the number of transactions, is 2 with 15,014 recorded sales over the past year. The number 1, meanwhile, recorded 15,000 sales, meaning it misses out on the top spot by the narrowest of margins.

Numbers 3 to 10 complete the top 10 most popular in numerical order.

The trend remains consistent when ranking the popularity of door numbers among each specific type of property. Door numbers 1-10 consistently make up the Top 10 most popular numbers, but the exact ordering does change slightly from one property type to another.

For example, number 1 is the most popular among detached homes; 2 leads for semi-detached homes; and 3 is cock of the walk among terraced homes.

The popularity of low door numbers comes as no surprise due to the fact these are, naturally, the most common numbers on the market, but when it comes to which numbers are the most valuable, the results are more unexpected.

The most valuable door number among all homes, based on the average selling price over the past 12 months, is 197 which commands an average price of £325,000.

This is followed by 1 (£320,000); 150 (£320,000); 2 (£315,000); and 102 (£315,000).

Among detached homes, 110 (£490,000) is the most valuable number; 136 (£315,000) leads the way for semi-detached homes; and number 154 (£277,000) commands the highest price when it comes to terraced homes.

“Door numbers might not seem like a big deal, but in some cases, they can be very important.

"For example, low numbers such as 1 and 2 are often found on corner plots, or at the end of a terrace, thus gaining a larger footprint, more outdoor space, more privacy, and, therefore, a higher value.

"There are also cultures and nationalities for which certain numbers hold special significance or meaning and homes with those numbers are therefore considered to be more desirable.

"So what’s in a number? It seems the answer could be a difference of up to £100,000.”

Source – The Property Reporter