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Hampstead- The secret village in London

Published: 06/09/2022

There are many things in London, but none are as well-kept as this. Unquestionably one of London's hidden gems, Hampstead is a quaint town that gives you the impression that you are far from the metropolis.
The lack of significant monuments and popular tourist destinations may contribute to the village's small-town atmosphere. Despite being modest and obscure, it has 1,000 years' worth of history that has been chronicled.
You may assume that living there must be monotonous, yet taking a stroll around the charming neighbourhoods and soaking in the colourful homes, lush gardens, and historic pubs never gets old.

Hampstead heath

If you're in Hampstead, the first thing you should do is stroll across Hampstead Heath. A lot of well-known poets and novelists are reported to have drawn inspiration from this location, so it's not surprising. There are a few different walks you can take across Hampstead Heath, but most people choose the circular route because it allows you to explore the most of the area in about 5 hours.

Hampstead Heath swimming ponds

The Hampstead Heath bathing ponds are another hidden treasure in Hampstead that you could discover while taking a leisurely stroll around the heath. Nothing more embodies British culture than swimming in a chilly pond with ducks swimming around, and there is a mixed pond as well as a separate pond for men and women.

Hampstead Hill Garden & Pergola

You can find the charming Hampstead Hill Garden and pergola just next to Hampstead Heath, a lush garden that gives you the impression that you are far away from the city. You'll be glad to know that it is now available for everyone to enjoy despite being designed originally for the Edwardian upper class.

Freud Museum

If you don't include the Freud Museum on your list of Hampstead recommendations, only you have the guts to enter the wild world of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. For Freud and his daughter, this was their final residence. His study and sofa, where some of his contentious ideas were developed, are still there. His favourite antiques and collection are also on show in the museum. This is a distinctive way to spend a London afternoon.
The only real issue is not wanting to remain when you are in this charming community because there are so many things to do!
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