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Enhance your garden and increase your property’s value with our 5 top tips

Published: 10/09/2023

Considering selling your property in 2023? If you're serious about boosting your home's value, don't underestimate the significance of your outdoor space. Maintaining a clean, appealing garden with lush greenery can potentially increase your property's worth and attract more offers. Here are five top tips for revitalizing your garden to make your house more enticing to prospective buyers.

Enhancing Your Garden to Boost Property Value: Our Top Suggestions

Maintain a healthy lawn:

Your front lawn serves as the initial impression for potential buyers, so it's crucial to keep it in good shape. Clear away any clutter, gardening equipment, or children's toys. Additionally, nurture the grass by using nutrition products to ensure it appears vibrant and well-kept for viewings.

Create a Green Oasis:

Gardens offer homeowners a wonderful connection to nature, so prioritise plants, flowers, and native shrubs. You don't need an extensive orchard; even a few well-maintained plants can enhance your garden's appeal. Consider using protective measures like fruit and vegetable cages to safeguard your plants, ensuring they thrive.

Privacy matters:

Regardless of your potential buyers' circumstances, they will appreciate privacy and security. Examine your garden for gaps or issues in fencing, hedgerows, or walls, and address them professionally before hosting property viewings. Enhance security with measures like heavy-duty padlocks and taller fencing to make your property more enticing.

Optimise sunlight and shade:

Arrange your garden elements based on sunlight direction, particularly crucial for north-facing gardens with potential shady spots. Use creativity to turn shade into an attractive feature with dark green shrubs, decorative elements, and foliage-covered pergolas. Ensure your furniture is placed in areas that receive optimal sunlight throughout the day to showcase your thoughtful garden arrangement during viewings.

Extend your living space outdoors:

If you have adequate space, consider creating an additional outdoor room on your patio or part of your lawn. This adds versatility and texture to your garden, making it enjoyable regardless of the weather and perfect for summer gatherings. Such projects are typically cost-effective and often don't require planning permission.

When selling your home, the appearance of your outdoor space can be more crucial than you might think. Maintain a tidy garden, incorporate thoughtful and social design elements, and introduce healthy plants wherever possible to make your property stand out.

Source: Just Do Property