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A home office is the most desired extra room

Published: 05/10/2023

A recent survey of 2,000 homeowners in the UK has shed light on their preferences when it comes to additional rooms in their homes. Here are the key findings from the survey:

  1. Desired Additional Rooms: The survey asked homeowners about the type of additional room they would want in their homes if given the opportunity.
  2. Home Office Tops the List: The most desired extra room among respondents is a home office, with more than a third of participants (34%) selecting it as their main priority when considering an additional room.
  3. Interest in More Space: Nearly half of the homeowners surveyed (47%) expressed a desire for more space in their homes, indicating a general need for additional living areas.
  4. Desire for Extensions: More than half of the respondents (50% or more) expressed a desire to build an extension to their existing homes to create extra space, suggesting a strong interest in home expansion projects.
  5. Reasons for Home Office Demand: The increased demand for home offices is likely influenced by the growing trend of remote and flexible work arrangements, which have become more prevalent in recent times.
The results also suggest people's demands from their homes are changing with a home gym and a reading room making the top three, and a snug, arts and crafts room and yoga room in the top eight.
1.    Office – 34%
2.    Gym – 26%
3.    Reading room – 24%
4.    Snug – 23%
5.    Dining room – 22%
6.    Arts and crafts – 18%
7.    Playroom – 15%
8.    Yoga room – 13%

Beth Boulton, the marketing director at Eurocell, has provided valuable insights into the survey findings and the trends in the housing market:

Beth Boulton acknowledges the increasing popularity of home offices, driven by the permanent option of working from home in the UK. She also highlights how homeowners are looking to make the most of their houses by adding rooms like gyms, family rooms, reading rooms, snug areas, and dining rooms to enhance their living spaces.

She expects the demand for home improvements, including home offices, to remain strong, as more people embrace the "don't move, improve" mindset. This suggests that homeowners are looking to enhance their existing properties rather than seeking new ones.

The survey found that a significant portion of respondents (55%) considered adding an extension to their homes to create more space. However, concerns about the cost, hassle, mess, and price fluctuations during construction were cited as reasons for not pursuing this option.

Boulton acknowledges the impact of the post-pandemic way of living on the need for additional space in homes. The shift towards remote work and changing lifestyles have influenced how people utilize their living spaces.

She suggests that the demand for extra space, including larger kitchens and home office spaces, is expected to continue growing in the housing market in the coming years. This trend is supported by homebuyers' evolving needs and preferences.

In summary, Beth Boulton's comments underscore the significance of the survey findings, highlighting the demand for home office spaces and the desire for additional rooms among UK homeowners. The comments also point to the expectation that this demand for extra space and home improvements will persist, driven by changes in lifestyles and housing market dynamics.

Source housebuilding.co.uk