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10 things to do in Hampstead

Published: 23/09/2022

Hampstead is one of the nicest and most beautiful areas of London, You will be able to find this haven in zone 2, only 3 stops away on the tube from the busy area of Camden Town however when you arrive you will not believe that you are still in London!
Hampstead is one of the most picturesque places to visit in winter or summer, no matter day or night. Perfect little trip for the weekend when the locals are out. You have a dog and coffee with you. What a wonderful location to spend the weekend.
  1. Hampstead Heath

One of the first and must things to do when you are in Hampstead is to take a walk around Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is the heart of Hampstead and a reason why people visit. This huge park is packed with walking trails, ponds and an incredible view of the city from the top of Parliament Hill.
Also, many things that makes Hampstead heath so special is that it has 3 swimming/bathing ponds. One for females, one, for males and one that is mixed.
Hampstead's open-air bathing ponds are the perfect substitute for escaping the oppressive city heat even if London lacks the soft caress of the sun and a sandy beach to chill oneself in Hampstead provides escapism. The distinctive Ladies' and Men's Ponds, are located inside the picturesque neighbourhood of Hampstead Heath and fed by the headwater springs of the River Fleet.
This park is a lovely site and absolutely perfect if you are looking for tranquillity but still want to remain in London.

  1. Fenton house

Hampstead's oldest mansion is a very impressive building as it is a 17th century merchant's house. If you are into music and art, then you will be indulged as you observe the collections of early music musical instruments and ceramics.
It is worth taking a stroll by even if you are not interested in those items or the inside because it is a nice neighbourhood within the charming neighbourhood of Hampstead, made up of huge homes and quiet sideways. Walking around this area of Hampstead is most enjoyable.
  1. Flask walk

Flask Walk is a pedestrian passageway off Hampstead High Street that is discreetly hidden and full of eccentric character. A luxury boutique and used bookstore, a beautiful fairy shop to dazzle the kids, and a quaint Victorian tavern for the adults can all be found along this little strip of stores. Enjoy a stroll through some of the nicest areas, including those of the affluent and famous, as you follow the alley all the way down to head toward Hampstead Heath.

  1. Hampstead Museum

If you ever find yourself stumbling across this beautiful Hampstead building, then be sure to pop in. It is free to enter and filled with a rich history of Hampstead. It also contains a courtyard outside which is surrounded by trees where you are able to enjoy tea or some lunch.

  1. World peace garden

Volunteers transformed this vacant lot close to Hampstead Heath station into a prestigious forested glade. This public area, which Condé Nast Traveler suggests, has three tiny ponds with interesting flora, meandering walks, casual seating for performances on the stage at the bottom, and room to think in solitude. The ponds and soft landscaping were planned by Tony Panayiotou, while the hard landscaping was made by Michael Wardle. Visitors are greeted with Peace Tiles made and given by Melissa Fairbanks by the Friends of Peace Garden. With the wishing well nearby, you can write notes and post them wishing someone good fortune and health as the ambience of the surroundings engulfs your senses.

The Hampstead category of the Time Out Love London Award for Local Culture went to The Peace Garden (2016).

  1. Freud museum

A Hampstead suggestion list will not be complete if you haven’t mentioned the Freud museum, of course, if you have the courage to step a foot into the obscure mind of known psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.
This was Freud last home for him and his daughter. It still has his study and couch, where some of his controversial ideas were created. The museum also contains his beloved antiques and collection which are on display. This is a unique way of spending an afternoon in London.

  1. The Hampstead Butcher and Providore

When it comes to meat, The Hampstead Butcher is the place to go, especially even though the Bar-B-Q season has come to an end. This classic British butcher provides excellent meat cuts from a selection of free-range and humanely bred cattle, hog, lamb, poultry and other meats. A wonderful selection of foreign cheeses, wines, and groceries are also available in their charcuterie and delicatessen to complete the feast.

  1. Hampstead Market

After a long day of going around and enjoying all the activities Hampstead has to offer, then you should head to Hamstead Market, which takes place every Saturday and holds fresh produce and tasty foodie treats. Rest assured you will find whatever your craving here, something to note is that they have one of the best Macaroons in London.

  1. Hampstead historic pubs

Whilst many pubs in London are slowly being turned into housing, if there’s one thing to not worry about when you are in Hampstead is that it is filled with pubs that have a rich history. One of the most famous pubs is the Spaniards inn, ironically mentioned in Charles Dickens's book. This pub dates back to the 17th century. It boasts one of the biggest pub gardens in London and it is always buzzing in the summer months. Or you can visit the 18th century pub The Holly Bush, which is tucked away. It has a lovely snug feeling when the fireplace is on, and of course, I have to mention how delicious their fish and chips are.
  1.  Crepes of Hampstead

It is near enough impossible to not spot La Creperie de Hampstead because of the huge queue from the small shop.
This well-known crêperie serves you a taste of Parisian street cuisine and has become an icon in North London. Since its permanent move to the area in 1980, it has become more well-liked by locals, visitors, and tour operators from across the globe. Expect long queues for the tantalising galettes and crêpes served in cone-shaped wrappers on warm days and weekends.
These Parisian crepes are honestly amazing. Whether you want a savoury option with cheese or would prefer the sweet option with Nutella, you will find a crepe that will make you fall in love with this place.

There is something to do for everyone in Hampstead, maybe that is what makes this village in London a must visit!

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