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10 most in-demand features for buyers and renters

Published: 05/10/2023

If you’ve been thinking of moving, chances are you’ve already thought about all of the things you’d want your home to have, to make sure it works for you. Whether you’re ready to roll up your sleeves for a doer-upper project, thinking about donning your gardening gloves, or can’t imagine a dinner party without a softly-lit kitchen island – you’ll probably be searching for a home that matches up with your personal wish-list from the get-go. And we wanted to see what matters most to movers when they’re searching for their next home. So we looked at more than 600,000 property listings to see which features led to the highest number of enquiries to estate agents. Take a look at the findings…

For Home-Buyers:

  1. Renovation Project (Fixer-Upper, In Need of Refurbishment): Properties that need renovation or refurbishment are highly sought after, likely appealing to both first-time buyers looking for affordable options and investors.
  2. New Boiler: A new or well-maintained boiler is a desirable feature for buyers, ensuring efficient heating and hot water systems.
  3. Loft Conversion: Additional living space in the form of a loft conversion is a valuable feature for those looking to maximize the utility of their homes.
  4. Storage Space: Ample storage space within the property is crucial for keeping belongings organized and clutter-free.
  5. Cellar: Properties with cellars provide extra storage or living space options, making them attractive to buyers.
  6. Double Glazing: Double-glazed windows are valued for their energy efficiency and sound insulation properties.
  7. Refurbished: Move-in-ready homes that have been recently refurbished are in demand, even though they often come at a higher price.
  8. Chain Free: Properties listed as "chain free" indicate a smoother and potentially faster transaction process, appealing to buyers.
  9. Garden: Outdoor space in the form of a garden is a desirable feature for those who enjoy gardening or outdoor activities.
  10. Near Station: Proximity to a train station is a convenience factor for commuters and can significantly influence property demand.

For Renters:

  1. Double Glazing: Renters seek properties with double-glazed windows for energy efficiency and noise reduction.
  2. Smart Tech (Smart Heating System): Smart home technology, including smart heating systems, is increasingly popular among renters for convenience and energy savings.
  3. Near Station: Access to public transportation, such as being near a train station, is essential for renters who rely on transit.
  4. Parking Space: Renters often look for properties with designated parking spaces for their vehicles.
  5. Basement: Properties with basements offer additional storage or living space, which can be appealing to renters.
  6. New Boiler: A well-maintained boiler is important to renters for reliable heating and hot water.
  7. Shed: Outdoor storage space, in the form of a shed, is valued by renters for keeping belongings secure.
  8. Attic: Attics can provide additional storage space, making properties more attractive to renters.
  9. Energy Efficient: Energy-efficient features, such as insulation and appliances, can lead to lower utility bills, which renters appreciate.
  10. Open Plan: Open-plan layouts are favoured by renters for their spacious and flexible living arrangements.
This new study could help sellers and landlords when they’re thinking about the different features to highlight on their property listing. It may not seem important to mention that a property has storage space or a new boiler, but our study shows this could make a difference when prospective buyers and renters are deciding which homes to go and view.

Source – Rightmove